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Just Got Better. delivers affordable and accessible dental care. Anytime, anywhere.

A virtual dentist in your pocket

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, our virtual dental solution helps manage your dental journey from anywhere, anytime. 

Here are some of our unique features:

Oral health rating

Upload pictures of your teeth and gums and get a dental check instantly on your smartphone.

Design My Smile

‘Try on’ your new, improved future smile to reimagine the new you from the comfort of our home.

Virtual Consultation

Consult and chat with your dentist virtually to update your oral health progress in real-time and in between your dental visits.

Save time and save money

Quick and convenient with no need to miss work or find parking - all this for a fraction of the cost of a visit to the dentist. No insurance needed

Your teeth checked in just 3 minutes

Get a quick online dental check for dental cavities and gum disease and receive a personalised report

No more long waiting times at the dentist

Upload all medical information beforehand and view updates in real-time so your dentist can triage you before your appointment and run on time.

How it works

Get started with in three easy steps!

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Step 1

Choose the reason for your visit and enter your email
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Step 2

Take a few selfies from your smartphone and submit
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Step 3

Get your personalised oral health report instantly

See in Action

Get your oral health rating and see how your new smile will look in the app.


How it works

Get started with in three easy steps!


Download the app.


Take a photo of your smile and receive an oral health rating in less than 30 seconds!


Make an appointment with a nearby dentist and let the magic begin!

iPad oral health rating

Improve your dental experience with Download our app today!

What people are saying about us

I will use this app regularly and also recommended it to my family and friends too. It is very easy to use and understand.

Joy Boyd

This app is a powerful self care tool for oral health screening. I was very happy with my smile assessment too.

Troy Haines

It is really awesome to have a self screening tool like this to remotely monitor oral health from home.

Sanjeev Hiremath


We’ve got you covered is only a prescreening tool and doesn’t provide any diagnosis. Please visit your dentist for further recommendations.

All you need is a smartphone for good quality pictures and good lighting. No other gadgets required.

Congratulations on completing your assesments. Depending upon your result, please continue monitoring your oral health status every 2-4 weeks and visit the dentist regularly for further diagnosis and treatments. is only an awareness and remote monitoring solution. No pain or symptom doesn’t mean there is no problem. We recommend you seeing the dentist for further assessments. Prevention is better than cure.